All The Colours Rhymes for Nursery Lyrics

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All The Colours Rhymes for Nursery

Red is an apple,
Yellow is the sun,
Blue is the sky,
And purple is a plum.

Orange is an orange,
Green is a tree,
Black is the sky,
I know all the colours you can see!

Other Versions

Orange as a carrot,
Yellow as a pear,
Purple as a plum,
Brown as a bear.

Green as the grass,
Blue as the sky,
Black as a cat,
Red as cherry pie.

Green Rhyme

Green is grass,
String beans and peas.
Green are the branches
on Christmas trees.

Yellow Rhyme

Yellow is a star.
Yellow is the sun.
Yellow is the moon,
When the day is done.

Red Rhyme

Red is a stop sign,
Red is a rose,
Red is an apple,
And a funny clown’s nose.

Blue Rhyme

Blue is the ocean,
Blue is the sky,
Blue are the blueberries,
I put into the pie.

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