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Favorite songs introduces young kids to the wonderful world of learning with funny, engaging songs about our family. Use this lyrics to help get kids ready for preschool.

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This is the father good and kind.
This is the mother with gentle smile.
This is brother grown so tall.
This is sister always with a doll.
This is baby still to grow.
That is the whole family
Standing in a row.


This is a family   
Let’s count them and see, 
How many there are,
And who they can be.

This is the mother
Who loves everyone.
And this is the father
Who is lots of fun.

This is my sister
She helps and she plays,
And this is the baby
He’s growing each day.


This is daddy,
This is mummy,
This is sister,
This is brother,
This is me, me, me,
And my whole family.


I love Mommy, she loves me.
We love Daddy, yes, we do!
He loves us and so you see,
We’re a Happy Family!

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