3. You're a Child Lyrics

1974 fantasy film
The Little Prince - You're a Child Lyrics

You’re a child!
How do you expect
You can understand
International things
And stuff

Sizzling the earth
Carving up the land
Is the business of Kings
And stuff

You are mentally
A silly billy boy of two

How absurd of you
It’s unheard of you
To never think as grown-ups do

Why you!
Why you!

You’re a child!
You’re a child!
You’re a twerp
And that’s putting it mild.

You’re a speck
You’re a fleck
And it’s just too tough
Pounding grown-up stuff
In the bean
Of a green
Little child

PRINCE: (speaking)

KING: (speaking)

PRINCE: (speaking)
Explain it to me, I want to learn

Why do border lines exist
Well first and foremost on the list
If all the borders were destroyed
Tomorrow I’d be unemployed

And what would statesmen do for fun
If all at once the world was won
And one could wander where he pleases
Flashing smiles instead of visas


It could
It might
It would!

Oh go and grow
Come again when
You’re not a mini-brained
Punk like this

You are really too
Undeveloped for
Philosophical junk
Like this

Too adult is it
Difficult is it
To ever get your teeth into

Too bewildering
For the children is it
And that of course means you
Means you
Means you

You’re a child!
You’re a child!
And the kind that can drive
Grown-ups wild!

You’re a wee
Little pea
Any thought profound
That I might expound
Won’t fit in
To a pinheaded child

Gimmie how can you
Gimmie understand
Gimmie gimmie financial stuff

Gimmie your supply
Gimmie my demand
Mentally is gigantial stuff

Gimmie oodles of
Gimmie boodles of
I don’t care what but give me more

You’re too poor to know
And not sure to know
What gimmie gimmie is for

You’re a child
You’re a child
You’re too darling
And mopey
And mild

You’re a nit
Half a wit

Speaking wisdom wise
Private enterprise!
Is too big
For a twig
Of a child!

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